Important Dates

Important Dates for small business:

Payroll remittance: Monthly: due by 15th of the month.Semi-monthly: due by 10th & 25th
Monthly GST/HST: Last day of the month
Quarterly GST/HST: Last day of April, July, October, January
Income Tax: 30th of April
Yearly GST/HST: Paid by 30th of April – Filed by June 15
Income tax return for proprietorships and partnerships: Taxes paid by April 30 – Filed by June 15
EHT: Every month after 400,000 payroll threshold, annual return due by March 15th
All employee related forms Forms and summaries due by February 28th
WSIB January April, July October

Please note, we recommend that your documents are brought to us by the 15th of the month to guarantee timely preparation and filing.