Privacy Policy

SJB Bookkeeping & Accounting Inc. (SJB) is committed to our clients, our employees and other persons who may provide SJB with confidential/personal information in maintaining and protecting the information in its possession or control.
We believe that protecting privacy is very important and, as such, developed a privacy policy which is designed to meet the needs of our clients and employees.
The privacy policy governs and outlines the method SJB Bookkeeping & Accounting Inc. follows in maintaining its commitment to our clients, employees and other persons.


SJB is accountable for all personal information in its possession or control and identifies the purpose for collecting the personal information before it is collected.
If you have any questions regarding SJB Bookkeeping & Accounting Inc.’s privacy policy, please contact us either by phone 905-335-0081 or by email to [email protected]


SJB only collects personal information from clients in order to understand their needs and uses and discloses such information to provide the professional services that the client has requested.
Some of the personal information we request might include:

  •  Name, age and marital status
  •  social insurance numbers
  •  home addresses
  •  home telephone numbers
  •  financial information such as income, investment income, expenses
  •  medical/disability information
  •  credit card numbers


SJB will obtain consent (from clients by means of an engagement letter and from staff) for all personal information collected, used or disclosed by SJB Bookkeeping & Accounting unless such collection or use is inappropriate or permitted by law.


SJB endeavors to keep accurate, complete and up-to-date personal information to meet the purposes for which it is collected. We encourage our clients to contact SJB if there are any changes to their personal information.


SJB retains personal information only as long as necessary to fulfil its purposes. Working paper files such as copies of personal tax returns are retained for the time period required by law and regulation and are systematically destroyed and erased when no longer required by laws and regulations.


SJB protects the privacy of personal information in its possession or control by using security safeguards.

  •  Paper copies (hard copies) of personal information are physically stored in locked filing cabinets in a restricted access, locked room.
  •  SJB maintains a professional security alarm system at its business location.
  •  Authentication (i.e. password protection) is used to prevent unauthorized access to personal information stored electronically.